Bushwick Tales, Part 3



Better late than never is one of the most annoying things that people can say when they are running late. What we want is timely comics posted so that we can enjoy them. Well sorry folks, I am a bit late but I won’t say better late than never cause if you hate part 3 then it would have been better left unsaid (undone)!

I’m working on the format of this comic to fit the blog. I hope you are all digging it!

Have a good week and I will see you next Wednesday with part 4 of our story!



Old Comic Monday



Sorry about the lateness of this comic. It seems I do not yet understand how to set up the publish settings. I will post some of last weeks newer comics on Wednesday this week as they didn’t seem to post and I didn’t notice cause I was too consumed with turning 35… Mid Life Crisis will be an up coming comic I’m sure.

Be well!

Old Comic Monday



It’s crazy to think that it was over three years ago that I started Chemo. That day was so unreal. I just remember thinking that any activity I did it would be the last time I might do it. That everything was going to make me sick, i was going to lose more hair then I had already lost from male pattern baldness. Yes, smoking is bad and I do not recommend it to anyone but sometimes bad things feel so good and remind us that we are alive.

Have a good week!


On The Train to Chemo…



Just remember there is nothing wrong with flirting as long as you don’t act upon it in the subway station, make out in a dark corner and roll on to the tracks. That can be very dangerous!

Enjoy your friday!