Plans for the Week.

Last week was killer! But it was also amazing and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Having finished my first, all be it short, printed comic I am now hard at work on my next project. Hopefully it will be less “public service announcement.” Transfusion meant a lot to me on a personal level because I, being a gay male cannot give blood. Wanting to give something back for the gift I was given this was my way of expressing that. My only hope is that one person sees the comic or this site and goes out to give blood. If that happens then I succeeded.

As for what’s going on this week. It’s not as crazy as the last week but we still got a lot going on. Last night I hosted Karaoke at Sugarland as my regular Monday gig. It wasn’t too busy but as always the crowed was fun and I’m horse as hell from singing too many songs. Next week new bartender Cha Cha and I are going to do an “I LOVE LUCY” Theme and guess who is going to be Lucy… WAHHH RICKY!!! That will be from 10pm to 4am Monday Feb. 16th. Sugarland is located at 221 N9 street between Driggs and Roebling. Easy to get to from the Bedford stop on the L train.

This Coming Saturday, Feb. 14th I’ll be Bartending and Hosting Sugarland’s first drink and draw! We will have model Pony posing for us as Cupid and shooting arrows all over the place. For ten bucks you get three hours of drawing and lots of candy. I might even make homemade chocolate covered pretzels. . . maybe let’s see how the week goes. We will have tons of drink specials like, 2-4-1 well drinks and domestic draft beer and $3 bloody marys.

Other than that it’s going to be draw draw draw!

OH!!! I forgot people have been asking how they can get a hard copy of the comic, well I have two ways. One is if you have pay pal e-mail me at and I’ll send you in invoice so you can pay the $3 bucks to cover shipping and printing costs. The other is to send me a check for $3 and I’ll mail ya one as soon as I get the check. Please make sure it include your name address and e-mail address so that I can inform you when the book is shipped!
The address is;
John Jennison
35 Graham Ave #4B
Brooklyn NY, 11206



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