Comics Everywhere!!!

What a day. The diner was quite but I sold a few comics to some of my regulars, thanks boys and girls! I hope you all enjoy it. I’ll have it for sale at the diner whenever I work which is mostly Wed. 10-4 Thur. 10-4 and Sun. 10-3 so swing by have a bloody mary and get a copy! Also, the books are for sale at Midtown Comics @ Grand Central that’s at east 45th street and Lexington Ave. This weekend I’m going to make a push to go out and see how many stores I can put them in.

1005345_fulIt being Wednesday new comics came out. While I just got home from picking them up and grabbing candy, lights and decorations for Saturdays Drink and Draw at Sugarland, I’ve yet to read any. This week looks very promising as Neil Gaiman’s Batman #686 “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader” came out. Since he hasn’t written for comics in a long time I have a feeling that he made sure this one is a good one. Geoff Johns new Action Comics #874 came out this story has been very strong and I’m excited see where they are going to go with it, Superman in space (again), Nightwing and Flamebird protecting Metropolis, The Legion in Adventure Comics… DC is rocking my world right now. I also picked up Green Lantern Corps,Green Arrow, Nightwing, Fables, X-Infernus and Thor #600 (Which is so annoying cause the last issue was #11 I believe) I’ll let you all know about the good, the bad and the ugly of them all after I get a chance to read them.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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