Karaoke, Kisses and Koney Island. . . Eh Coney Island.

n50755241721_9609All I wanted to do was sleep all day… After a crazy night of hosting karaoke, not to mention a few yummy glasses of champagne, I came back to my roommate free apartment to try to sleep it off. I guess the universe had other plans because I couldn’t sleep at all. So I worked on my to do list until 7:30 am and got right to work on it. As some of you might know my friend Will is having what he has dubbed “Scroll Bowl” @ Stain Bar on March 8th. I have yet to start drawing out my scroll so that was at the top of my list. Next I had laundry to do and a meeting for some graphic design work @ 2 pm so I figured I’d just stay up till after that was all done, come home and pass out. By 8 am I had everything set up to start painting my scroll and then crash. While watching old episodes of the USA series Weird Science I leaned back and then BAM I was a sleep on the floor of my living room. Next thing I know its 1pm and my alarm is going off in the other room. I jumped up, threw on a shirt and ran to Bedford Ave. for my meeting at the bar.

Now I’m back at the apartment in my pjs and my scroll is still sitting in the middle of the living room. I started painting it and then realized that after I get a few feet done I have to wait forever for the paint to dry before I can roll it up and keep working. But at least I now have an idea for it.

The title of this blog is Karaoke which I covered above, and then kisses. The kisses is while I’ve been writing this I realized that I ate a whole bag of kisses and I still want more… bad. Then Koney Island is because I just wanted to remind everyone that on the 28th of Feb. we are having a Coney Island: Side Show by the Sea Shore party to celebrate the birth of a few of our friends. I hope that if you are in the greater NY area you can make it. We will have fun, games, 2-4-1 drinks and I’ll be on the bar so ya know the drinks will be strong! Check us out on http://newyork.going.com/event-550157;PARTY_Coney_Island_Sideshow_by_the_Seashore Add use or give us some love by hitting the “LIKE IT” button.

Back to work on my scroll… till tomorrow.


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