Since You’ve Been Gone

Weeks pass and I have not updated and with good reason! As some of you may know this weekend saw my coming of age, old age that is. That’s right! On Monday March 16th at midnight I crossed the line from my twenties into the wonderful world of decade times three. No more wonder what happens on the other side of that line, I’m there baby.

So now what? Why didn’t I update you might ask?

My answer is this. I’ve been working on two short books which I would like to see come into this world with in the next month or two. They are both autobiographical as that seems to be where I’m at right now. I was also asked to do a show of larger works but that will not be for a year or so and I don’t want to jinx it, more on that another day. We also had the first of what I hope are many SCROLL BOWL hosted by the very talented Will Varner Sunday March 8th. It was an amazing time and YES I have the whole thing on tape which I am. As I type this am downloading to Jeff’s computer (he has been great at helping me with the computer stuff cause I’m slightly defunk.) It should be up on You Tube and my blog with in the next few days so make sure you check back.

I also just spent a wonderful week in the beautiful state of Maine where I grew up. I hadn’t been home for almost a year and it was nice catching up with old friend and seeing all the places I once loved. What was slightly hard was seeing all the businesses that had closed over the past year. I felt that every time I walked by a store front it was either empty or going out of business. The times we live in are not boding well for the small business people.


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