I Hate Monday!

Do I really hate Monday? No, not really. I have never really had a “day job” that forced me to do 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. A lot of my friends dread the on set of Monday morning because it means that they have to go back to the grind and only have fleeting memories of the weekend past and the drunken hook ups or BBQ’s on back patios. Its the start of waiting for that return, “ARRRGGGG five days till I can sleep in!”

So I’m going to make Mondays for all of you who are at work checking your list of blogs and trying to shake off that hangover because even though you shouldn’t have you were out with friends till late last night drinking at some shady bar trying to forget that you were starting your work week in only a few hours.

Awhile back I started a comic about things I hate or things that drove me crazy. I never finished it because it seemed like more of a pull out book. Nothing really went together other then the fact that it was all things the bugged the shit out of me. So I’m going to pull them out and each Monday post one for you all. Hopefully some of them will put a smile on your face!

Don’t work too hard!



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