Saturday Nights Alright for Scrolling!

I’m late. Since January it seems to be my theme. In the past I was never one to be late, just not do something at all that is another story. But I was never late for anything. Now I find myself late for work, meeting friends, deadlines, you name it I’m sure I’ve been late for it in the past 4 months. This weekend marks the second SCROLL BOWL. Which I have not even started my scroll for… see LATE!

If you don’t know what SCROLL BOWL is then let me break it down simple for you. Its a lot of fun! A bunch of artist get together and create a work of art on a scroll to present to a bar full of super supportive drunks! What more could you ask for. Some scrolls are funny, some sad, and some just make you scratch you head and say “huh?” but they are all great! Don’t believe me? I linked my scroll from March’s SCROLL BOWL to this page so have a look and tell me what you think. If you like what you see the next SCROLL BOWL is this Saturday at STAIN BAR in Brooklyn. Its located on Grand St. Between Graham and Humboldt. The event is free and anyone can come and watch or bring a scroll to present!

Today I’m going to start something but I have no idea what… if anyone can think of a theme for my scroll hit me up!

Hope to see you at the SCROLL BOWL!

To see more scrolls click here



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