A Moment of Reflection

Hello All,
First off I want to thank you for all the great feedback I have gotten for both MONDAY a mini comic and TUESDAY a mini comic. These books have been a lot of fun to make and I can’t wait to get WEDNESDAY a mini comic up on the site!

Today I got a comment today that really touched me. The first book I did was TRANSFUSION. Its a comic that is very dear to me because I did it right after I got out of the hospital as kind of a healing exercise, it also showed me how much I love creating these little books. The comment was from a girl who use to live in NYC who, due to illness thought it was best to move back home to Ohio… well I’ll let you read the comment. She also has a photo comic blog that I thought you might like to see.

Stay well everyone,
John Curtis

Hi John,

I just found this comic and wow, I’m so glad I did. I get bimonthly IVIG infusions – IVIG is pooled immunoglobin G, taken from the plasma of literally tens of thousands of donors – and over the nearly 3 years I’ve gotten it, I guess the actuality of the kindness of so many people starts to run together. I think in a very “I need this to live so I shouldn’t have to fight so hard with the insurance company to get it” mentality, and just loose the enormity of what it is I’m getting.

Thank you for this.

…I also think its really cool to read a story about someone dealing with illness in NYC, I lived there up until August when all agreed it was better for my condition to move back in with my mom for a while – in much slower paced Ohio. I have a photocomic about my often comic adventures with chronic illness called “A Comic Life, Indeed’ and I’d be really honored if you’d check it out. You can find it at:


Hope you’re well and I truly do love this comic (I’m going to link up to it, in fact).

– miss waxie



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