FUCKEN PEOPLE ON CELL PHONES! I was trying to draw at this nice quite coffee shop I go to in Williamsburg and this asshole stands next to me and bitches to someone on his cell phone for like half an hour about some shitty job. And not only is he doing it but hes doing it at the top of his lungs. On top of that I could hear the stupid bitch on the other end of the phone too!!! I mean must you really talk THAT loud? Do you have no respect for the people around you that you can put the sugar in your coffee and take it outside? It was like 80 degrees so its not like you would have been cold! To you dick head on your cell phone I proclaim this Monday as “ASS WHOLES WITH CELL PHONES DAY!”

I left my card on his table as I was leaving, hopefully he looks at this and sees what a dick he really is!

So if you see someone abusing their cell phone today in public run over kick them in the shin! Tell them Johnnee sent you!

Happy Monday,
John Curtisimg073


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