When I was in college and feeling uncreative but had to force my self to draw, I would pick up the Portland Press Herald and find a story that interested me or made me very angry and do an illustration about that piece. If nothing really struck me I would just find a photo that I liked and copy it to keep my hand eye skills up to par.

This morning I couldn’t sleep, hell i still haven’t been to bed. I went to this kinda trashie little diner that I feel in love with. On the counter sat the Daily News so I started flipping through it and found this story about education cuts. The story was based mostly around the fact that the MTA wanted to take the kids passes they are now getting for free and reduced prices away from these kids.

No I get it. The MTA can’t handle money, its like they want to raise the price every year. And now half of these kids won’t make it class because their ride wasn’t there or it was and they couldn’t afford to get on the bus.

Ok, the not sleeping is catching you to me I’ll edit this tomorrow. . .



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