Holiday Cheer

Tonight was a wonderful night filled with drinks and dinner with some old friends that I have not seen in awhile. Most of the people I got together with were people I met when I first moved to the city almost five years ago.

We caught up on old times, things we have been doing since last we saw each other and then talked about the best and worst things that happened to each of this year. It was an interesting question and one that I would have never really asked of myself. The answers were interesting and wonderful because you really got to see how people thought and what truly makes each of us happy.

After diner we all went our separate ways, some home and some into Manhattan to a bar. I opted out of going to the bar and went to see some other friends because it was on my way to the video store. (I had to return and get more Battlestar.) We had a drink and chatted. It was nice. The whole evening finally made me feel like its was the holidays, something that I had yet to feel this year.

While I waited for the JMZ at the Marcy stop in the freezing cold I pulled out my sketch pad and started drawing. Buildings are not my strong point so I really wanted to push myself. Get the train coming over the Williamsburg Bridge, show every last brick on the side of the buildings. Sadly, train came before I got to finish blocking it all out. However, when I got home I tried my best to recreate it from memory. As I said buildings are not my favorite thing to draw but I liked how this image came out and thought I would share it.

Happy first day of whatever you celebrate!



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