Time Management

Time, its all about how its used. It feels like its all just passing by at a rapid speed. Less then two weeks of 2009 left. No way to slow it down and I’m  not sure that I would if I could. I just want to cram so much into each day and also have lounge time to just play video games and watch bad TV. Sometimes I think if I slept less then all would be well, I’d have more time, get more done.

Lists, I’ve tried making TO DO lists, which never go over well. Over my drafting table I pin up all my sketches I’m working on so i can see what changes need to be made or just for inspiration. On Dec. 10th I wrote out one such list and pinned it with all my drawings.  The list  has it has five things to do on it. Five very simple things that should have gotten done in less then a few hours and only one of them I finished. That one thing that I did do was my laundry, which really was just dropping it off and paying someone else to do it. (Not to mention leave her a huge tip cause they do such a good job folding.)

Now here is the part where I blame not having enough time to do all of these “have to do” items. But I can’t even do that because its my time management that is lacking not time its self. Where I should be drawing and finishing up Thursday a Mini Comic I end up looking over the few pages that are finished and then re-watch a season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer or beat Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the 10th time.

And so with the end of a new year comes  another list, a list of resolutions. Things that will make the new year better then 2009. Now I ask myself, if I can’t get the time management thing down and do a list of things that should take less then a few hours how am I going to get a list of things done that I have to do over the course of a whole year?

I guess the first thing on my list should be, “No More Lists.” At which point I would have to stop writing or face that I couldn’t even make it through one day or one resolution.


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