Griffin’s Story

I’ve been hitting a lot of illustrator’s blogs the past few weeks seeing what makes other artists tick. On my travels I stumbled on Josh Billings blog.  He’s got some really great stuff on there so you should check him out.

One of his postings was about his 3 year-old son, Griffin. On May 20th 2009, Griffin was diagnosed with Leukemia. Josh and his son have been writing stories together. Griffin will tell his dad what to write and then Josh illustrates them. On his blog he said that he would send one of Griffin’s stories to illustrators who would like to illustrate one.

I accepted the challenge and this is the story that Griffin and I did. I hope he (and you all) like it.

Thanks Griffin I hope you enjoy what I did with your story!


3 thoughts on “Griffin’s Story”

  1. This is adorable! You inspire me each day you “dogooder!” The world needs more people like you…plus your artwork is amazing! I love the mouse stuck in the cat’s neck…happens to me all the time! jk. :o) Rock on awesome dude!

  2. Thanks boys and girls! I feel like the poor mice built a house in that greedy cat’s belly and they are living there bidding their time till they can gut him from the inside out… Moral, chew 40 times before swallowing ladies!

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