New Year, New Moon

MOON.jpgAs one does, I have set a lot of goals for the new year. 2016 is to be the year of completion for me. As a rule I tend to start projects and not finish them. This year I am working to get my portfolio in order, finish my two comics and to do that I plan to make new work 5 days a week as if it were a job I am getting paid for.

I wanted to start the year of right with a new image so for a bit of inspiration I went over to Illustration Friday. The prompt this week was moon and I was instantly drawing to gods of times past and how the world’s believes have changed. Giant human/animal hybrids circling the earth with planets on top of their heads bring day and night, always chasing each other like we now chance our dreams of wealth and fame. Or maybe that is just me.

Happy New Year all. I hope to see lots of you in 2016!



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