BowiespinA record is like a fingerprint. The first time you hear it it presses on your brain leaving each and every word, note, crack, snap and pop imbedded into your memory. You never forget the first time you hear an artist the inspires you to create, to love, to want to touch the world and leave your finger print in it.

As I was making this piece I thought a lot about how I create my own art. How, over the past few months I have been using a lot more technology to clean up the shank in my lines, the missed connections between two points. I had planned to make the record in this piece with illustrator, perfect circles, perfect lines, but I am not a perfect person. Maybe that is my fingerprint. Perfection is over rated. Our flaws are what make us who we are. They make us work harder to be better but not perfect. No one is perfect, but some can be great.


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